Environmental consultancy. There’s a po-faced couple of words if ever we saw them. But environmental consultancy is exactly what’s needed if, together, we’re going to tackle shoddy product design, wasteful packaging and inefficient services as well as keeping on top of legislation.

Now, we’re not saying you’re guilty of any of those things. But when you go to sleep at night, can you say you’re doing everything you can at work to protect and safeguard the environment?

No? So give us a call.

Yes? Well done but give us a call anyway. We’re always keen to share the latest know-how.

Who we are

We’re a new company with a long history. Mark Shayler is the big cheese. He has 20 years’ experience in eco design and environmental consultancy and everything that goes with that.

He has advised over 800 companies, showing them how to save over £70 million. Mark also pops up on TV, radio and all manner of conference stages so keep an eye/ear out for him.

Get in touch

Don’t be shy now. We’re always up for a chat so make our day by wearing our contact details out, ok?

T +44 (0)1530 515065
M +44 (0)7736 702222

The Wood Shed
20 Moira Road
DE12 7QE

Registered office: Elmwood House, Ghyll Royd, Guiseley, Leeds, LS20 9LT